About Kanha National Park - Exploring the Wilderness

Located in the heart of India lies a sanctuary of natural wonder with such diversity, Kanha National Park. With a fantastic landscape spanning 940 square kilometers, the iconic wildlife haven is known for its substantial tiger population and diverse plant and animal life.

History of Kanha National Park

The history of Kanha National Park goes back to 1933 when it was first established as a wildlife sanctuary. But the conservation efforts gained momentum in 1955 and were declared a National Park. Initially, it was found to protect some endangered species like barasingha, which is also known as swamp deer. Kailash Sangkala, one of the visionary conservat onists, played a vital role in developing and protecting this National Park over the past few years.

The park has been expanded to its current size encompassing a vast area of 940 square kilometers, and today, it is one of the most prominent tiger reserves. In short, it is a significant example of successful life conservation. Even today, it continues to symbolize the successful Wildlife Conservation of India. It is known for its commitment to preserving the diverse flora and fauna besides the rich natural heritage.

Everything To Know About Flora And Fauna

At the heart of Kanha National Park lies an incredible flora and fauna that forms a great tapestry of life. ● The landscape is basically graced by bamboo forests creating a canopy that supports the tremendous thriving ecosystem.
● More than a thousand flowering plant species thrive within the park, and you can come across the Indian boast tree and the Kanha kara tree, which are completely rare and endangered.
● You need to know that the wildlife is entirely captivating, and the park has gained a lot of prominence for its tiger population, with at least 100 of these majestic creatures calling the National Park it's home.
● The characters cast includes leopards and Indian wild dogs, besides Indian bison and the stately sambar deer.

Conservation Efforts

If you are a history buff, then you need to know that the Kanha National Park has played a significant role in conserving endangered species, especially the royal Bengal tiger. The park's dedicated efforts and other conservation programs have helped the tiger population grow steadily.

The primary reason for the conservation success is that the research and the conservation program are the park's mission, which ensures the survival of the magnificent creatures.

Safari Experiences Await You

If you really want to explore the park and witness great wildlife then safaris are truly recommended. For example when you choose Jeep safari you can witness the wildlife closely and you don't have to worry at all as you will have an expert guide with you for the safari who has a lot of knowledge about the flora and fauna. In short, you can expect a great experience.

Furthermore you can also go for an elephant safari and explore the wilderness like never before. The best part about choosing the elephant safari is that you can go really deep down in the jungle and witness wildlife in a different way.

Great Opportunities and Facilities

Kanha National Park offers you a range of accommodation options, so there is something for everyone, and you can choose the property that aligns with your budget. From luxury resorts to ecologists, plenty of choices are available out there. Some of the accommodations are nestled just near the park, providing you with excellent access to the safari route. The facilities at all these establishments include comfortable rooms, delicious dining options, or amenities to ensure an excellent stay for you.

Conservation Awareness and Responsible Tourism

The National Park focuses on conservation awareness and responsible tourism. You need to follow strict guidelines to reduce the environmental and wildlife impact. It is essential for you to maintain silence during the safaris, and you should dispose of waste responsibly. Above all, you need to respect the habitat of the wildlife, and by practicing responsible tourism, you can contribute to the fragile ecosystem of the National Park.

Some of The Nearby Attractions That You Should Visit

Besides the wildlife wonders of Kanha National Park, you can explore the nearby attractions. Some of the most prominent options include the Bamini Dadar, which is a great sunset point where you can get panoramic views of the National Park. You can visit the Kanha museum also if you are a historical buff, and those are tribal villages that give you a memorable experience of the local culture. You can also interact with the communities and learn about their local life.

Some Of The Visitor Tips That You Need To Keep in Mind

It is advisable for you to book the safari permits and accommodations in advance, especially during your peak travel season, to ensure availability. You must follow the instructions of the guides and naturalists during the safari to ensure your safety and also improve your wildlife viewing experience. While you are going on a safari, you should always carry your binoculars to capture the great moments and sights. Above all, you need to respect the rules and regulations of the park and maintain silence, and not litter around.